Diagnostic Platform in Respiratory Disease

Using Protease Tag® Technology, ProAxsis develops and supplies diagnostic assays focusing on respiratory biomarkers, improving the lives of patients suffering from a variety of chronic respiratory diseases. 

A Novel and Patented Technology

The ProteaseTag® is the foundation on which ProAxsis has developed its business.  

ProteaseTags® are smart molecules that irreversibly bind to the active site of a target protease and form a bridge to a solid support, allowing them to be incorporated in to established platforms such as ELISA and lateral flow devices.

ProteaseTags® enable the detection of risk factors before an exacerbation, providing a crucial opportunity for intervention before the need for secondary care. 

ProAxsis’ immunoassays and point-of-care tests incorporate a ProteaseTag®, patented technology for the rapid detection of active protease biomarkers of disease.

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ProAxsis has developed a range of Assays incorporating patented technology, including: 

Clinical Support and R&D 

ProAxsis offer a range of contract services from protease biomarker investigation, clinical trial and pharma services to academic support services: 

Aiding the Treatment of Chronic Lung Function Decline Diseases

ProAxsis products aide the treatment of diseases associated with breathlessness, persistent cough and chronic lung function decline, such as:

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Industry Recognition

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