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ProAxsis Limited is a commercial-stage diagnostics company, based in Northern Ireland, and with a rapidly growing client list of pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories.

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Biochemistry Solution

The company promotes a range of assay kits designed for the specific measurement of active protease biomarkers of disease. Our easy-to-use tests incorporate patented “ProteaseTags®”; smart molecules which trap an active protease within a complex biological sample and enable a visual readout of its presence.

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Pharmaceutical Research

The company has registered a CE Mark for activity-based immunoassays targeting Neutrophil Elastase (NE) and Proteinase 3, as biomarkers of lung infection and inflammation in chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD, cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis.

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Pathologycam Testing

Aside from the provision of assays, ProAxsis is able to offer sample analysis at its purpose-built laboratory facility in Belfast, and is currently supporting a number of pharmaceutical company-sponsored Phase I, II and III clinical trials.

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Proteases are a large grouping of biological molecules that play pivotal regulatory roles in most physiological processes required for life.

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Unregulated protease activity (which occurs when the normal control of their action is lost) can be a trigger of many important human diseases thereby making active proteases important.

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Typical antibody-based systems e.g. ELISA (Enzyme-linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) will only detect total protein with no indication of the fraction associated with the active form of the enzyme.

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Environmental Testing

Our experienced team can provide a number of services for both academic and pharmaceutical company researchers, and are able to offer sample analysis at our purpose-built laboratory for a range of proteases and other inflammatory biomarkers.

Medical Research

Standard methods of detection and quantification of active proteases are based on the hydrolysis of chromogenic or fluorogenic peptide substrates. Biological samples contain multiple activities with the potential to hydrolyse these substrates and are not sufficiently selective for biomarker studies.

Vaccines Research

ProAxsis has developed a range of unique molecules, known as ProteaseTags®, which have the capacity to rapidly and selectively bind active proteases, including those which are biomarkers of diagnostic and prognostic value.

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Are you interested in respiratory disease? The role of active neutrophil elastase explained.

Active biomarkers of disease and the role of active neutrophil elastase.


Our scientists specialise in developing products for the detection and quantification of active biomarkers of disease that enhance the clinical picture to help healthcare professionals and researchers understand and optimise therapy.
Active neutrophil elastase is a key biomarker of lung infection and inflammation. Here is how active neutrophil elastase causes damage in respiratory disease:

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ProAxsis is delighted to announce the immediate availability of our latest product, K-Postn. A highly novel and patented bone-specific enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) for the detection of serum K-POSTN. Evidence has shown, patients at risk of bone fracture (Post-menopausal women etc), it’s predictability of future risk is irrespective of BMD and FRAX.

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