ProAxsis Ltd is delighted to observe that its ProteaseTag® Active Neutrophil Elastase Immunoassay is prominently featured in the most recent edition of the American Journal for Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM). A prospective cohort study led by Dr James Chalmers at the University of Dundee has shown that sputum neutrophil elastase (NE) activity is a biomarker of disease severity and future risk of exacerbation in adults with bronchiectasis. This study involved more than 380 patients with bronchiectasis, who were followed over three years and utilised ProAxsis’ ProteaseTag® Active NE Immunoassay to assess neutrophil elastase activity. The study was previously published online, but has now been included in the May 2017 printed edition of this prestigious journal.

Alongside the article is an editorial authored by Professor Guy Brusselle and Dr Eve Van Braeckel from Ghent University in Belgium. The editors highlight the fact that during the 3-year follow-up, high sputum NE activity was independently associated with future exacerbation rate, hospital admissions and lung function decline. They conclude that Dr Chalmers and colleagues have demonstrated that sputum NE activity is associated not only with clinical and radiological severity of the disease but also with its activity, as evidenced by an increased risk for exacerbations and lung function decline.

Both the article itself and the corresponding editorial, can be accessed on the AJRCCM website. As previously announced, ProAxsis will be presenting further updates on its ProteaseTag® technology at the American Thoracic Society Conference taking place in Washington DC, on May 19th-24th.

Any queries concerning ProAxsis’ Immunoassay for measuring active neutrophil elastase, or any requests for support with measuring other active protease biomarkers using the Company’s proprietary ProteaseTag® technology, can be directed to

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