Following on from the commercialisation update provided in November, ProAxsis is pleased to report the first sale of NEATstik®, the company’s novel sputum-based point-of-care test, to a research laboratory conducting an ongoing respiratory clinical trial for a pharmaceutical company. NEATstik® was registered with a CE Mark in the second half of 2017 and utilises the company’s proprietary ProteaseTag® technology to allow the rapid, qualitative measurement of the active form of neutrophil elastase, an established biomarker of lung infection and inflammation.

Dr David Ribeiro, CEO of ProAxsis, commented: “The first sale of our innovative point-of-care test, NEATstik®, is another notable milestone for the company, as we expand our portfolio of commercialised products. This, combined with a strong sales performance for the company’s ProteaseTag® Active Neutrophil Elastase Immunoassay in January, represents a very positive start to the year for the company’s commercial aspirations in 2018.”

ProAxsis is part of the NetScientific group and is one of the group’s core portfolio companies. The company is also supported by QUBIS, the commercialisation arm of Queens University.

To find out how ProAxsis can support the measurement of active protease biomarkers of disease, or for any further queries, please contact

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