ProAxsis assays selected for inclusion in major new ERS-funded study


ProAxsis Limited (, the Belfast-based company focused on developing new assays for the measurement of active protease biomarkers of disease, today announces that two of its products, the ProteaseTag® Active NE Immunoassay, and NEATstik®, the first test to enable measurement of active neutrophil elastase at point-of-care, have been selected for inclusion in a major upcoming clinical trial.

The BRIDGE study is a 3-year collaborative study, funded by the European Respiratory Society (ERS), in which 1000 patients with bronchiectasis across Europe will be recruited and will have multiple assessments including microbiome, proteomics, detailed phenotyping and imaging. The study will explore novel biomarkers and demonstrate what they can add to clinical practice.

Commenting on the news, Dr David Ribeiro, CEO of ProAxsis, said: “We’re delighted that this group of eminent researchers in the field of respiratory medicine have chosen to include both the NE immunoassay and NEATstik® in to the protocol of this important study, and look forward to collaborating with many of the top bronchiectasis research groups in Europe.”

Professor James Chalmers, the Chief Investigator of the BRIDGE study, added: “Bronchiectasis is a common disabling and heterogeneous disease that has been neglected in terms of basic and clinical research. This study aims to explore the clinical, microbiological, inflammatory and functional heterogeneity of the disease with the aim of identifying patient endotypes for stratified medicine. We’ve previously demonstrated that active neutrophil elastase can help identify bronchiectasis patients at highest risk of clinical worsening*, so we’re excited about further exploring this and other potential biomarkers in a large, pan-European patient population.”

Any queries concerning ProAxsis’ immunoassay and point-of-care test for measuring active Neutrophil Elastase, or any requests for support with measuring other active protease biomarkers using the Company’s proprietary ProteaseTag® technology, can be directed to

About ProAxsis Limited

ProAxsis is utilising its proprietary ProteaseTag® technology to develop a range of products for the capture, detection and measurement of active protease biomarkers of diseases. The company has already launched activity-based immunoassays for both neutrophil elastase and plasmin, as well as a rapid point-of-care test for neutrophil elastase (NEATstik®). ProteaseTags® provide a unique tool to identify and quantify active protease biomarkers and will assist in the clinical validation of new therapeutics.

ProAxsis is part of the NetScientific Group and is one of the Group’s core portfolio companies. The company is also supported by QUBIS, the commercialisation arm of Queens University Belfast.

About the BRIDGE study

The BRIDGE study – Bronchiectasis Research Involving Databases, Genomics and Endotyping to match the right treatment to the right patient.

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