ProAxsis signs partnership with a large US based biotechnology company

Date : September 11, 2017

ProAxsis Ltd today announces that the company has signed a partnership agreement to develop activity-based immunoassays for two key respiratory proteases, utilising its ProteaseTag® technology. The partner is a large biotechnology company, with headquarters in the US, and a focus on developing new therapeutic options for patients with rare diseases.

ProAxsis’ ProteaseTag® technology enables the specific and sensitive detection and measurement of the active form of proteases, which represent strong therapeutic targets in a number of different diseases. Early work has focused on neutrophil elastase, as a biomarker of lung infection and inflammation, but the platform technology potentially allows any protease to be targeted.

Dr David Ribeiro, CEO of ProAxsis, said, “A key part of our strategy for ProAxsis is to identify and form collaborations with biotechnology companies who are developing therapeutics where a protease is a key target or offers a valuable endpoint. We’re therefore delighted to have reached this agreement, and look forward to providing our partner with some useful tools for their ongoing clinical trial work.”

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