ProAxsis’ ProteaseTag® technology highlighted at ECFC 2016

Date : June 13, 2016


ProAxsis ( presented data for the first time on its active Cathepsin G (CatG) Immunoassay at this week’s 39th European Cystic Fibrosis Congress in Basel. The poster presentation, with Dr Charlene Robb as first author, was entitled “Development of a novel ProteaseTag® Immunoassay for the detection and measurement of Cathepsin G in adult cystic fibrosis patients”. The authors reported advantages of the ProteaseTag® assay over substrate-based kinetic activity assays in terms of specificity and sensitivity, which may therefore allow CatG to be a viable biomarker option for chronic respiratory diseases.

The company was also delighted to observe that its ProteaseTag® Active Neutrophil Elastase Immunoassay was highlighted in a presentation entitled “Biomarkers to monitor exacerbations” by Professor Stuart Elborn, former President of the European CF Society, in the “Exacerbation revisited” session on 9th June 2016. Professor Elborn informed the audience that active neutrophil elastase levels measured using the ProteaseTag® Active NE Immunoassay were related to the time of next exacerbation.

Dr David Ribeiro, CEO of ProAxsis, said “Having our neutrophil elastase activity-based Immunoassay highlighted in a key session at the major European CF congress is further evidence that awareness of our lead product is increasing. It was also exciting that we were able to show data on one of our assays in development at the same congress.”

Any queries concerning ProAxsis’ Immunoassays for measuring active neutrophil elastase and active Cathepsin G, or any other aspects of the company’s proprietary ProteaseTag® technology, can be directed to info@

ProAxsis is part of the NetScientific group and is one of the group’s core portfolio companies. The company is also supported by QUBIS, the commercialisation arm of Queens University.