Clinical Trial and Pharma Services

Both the laboratory facilities and management system within our organisation provides our clients with the assurance of accountability, auditability and traceability of all work carried out and results produced.

All work is carried out in accordance with standard operating procedures by dedicated, highly qualified and trained staff. Remote automated temperature controlled monitoring of all fridges and freezers ensures efficient storage of all clinical samples and biochemical reagents and the subsequent increased reliability and reproducibility of study data.

All clinical samples supplied to us are stored under Human Tissue Act (HTA) regulations and we have a dedicated HTA officer responsible for their custody and registration. Collection and subsequent processing of clinical samples where appropriate, is carried out in accordance with ethical and research governance approvals.

All results and data are stored on encrypted databases and are in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

We have extensive experience in the processing of clinical samples including: sputum, bronchial alveolar lavage fluid, gingival fluid, wound fluid, urine, bloods and primary cell culture to include airway (bronchial/nasal) epithelial cells grown at air-liquid interface.